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Sylveco is a Polish brand producing natural cosmetics with traditional Polish-grown herbal ingredients such as birch extract. Popular for having effective, yet affordable natural products.


Enzyme Face Scrub from Sylveco is a gentle exfoliating product based on the process of proteolysis of dead skin cells. The unique formula, rich in highly nourishing and moisturizing oils and butter, can keep 100% activity of the enzymes bromelain and papain. Scrub gently, but effectively dissolves dead skin cells, smoothes and improves skin texture. It...

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Hibiscus Facial Toner from Sylveco will be a great addition to your daily natural skincare routine! It gently removes excess oil and dirt and balances the skin. If you're still wondering why you really need a toner, think of your skin's pH level. After you remove your make-up and use a soap or face wash, your face becomes more alkaline. It's normal - but...


Sylveco Fluoride Free Toothpaste is rich in beneficial herbal extracts, including sage, rosemary and clove. Probably by now you know that water fluoridation is not a good thing and we should eliminate human-added fluoride from our products. For many years people believed that fluoride prevents tooth decay, but in fact, it does not do anything to protect...

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