Natural products from  Beauty Garden

Beauty Garden is a truly natural brand founded by people passionate about gardening, plants and wellbeing. Everything starts in their organic garden in France, where they harvest seasonal vegetables to later use them in production of Pumpkin Face Mask, Nut & Camomile Face Scrub and other natural cosmetics in the range.

Founded in 2014, French brand Beauty Garden produces certified organic cosmetics from plant-based ingredients cultivated in their own garden in Auriac, France. A range of 100 % natural and cruelty-free skin care includes: vegan face cream, scrub without microbeads and fresh, vegetal facial masks. The brand uses only eco-designed packaging from biodegradable ingredients : PEFC-certified wood, natural recycled paper, vegetable inks.


Beauty Garden Purple Carrot Face Cream is a natural and intense moisturiser for your skin! Fragrance-free with no colour, it is ideal for all skin types. 98,15% ingredients from organic farming. Purple Carrot Face Cream is certified by the label Natrue*** 3 stars indicate a product made from natural ingredients which contains more than 95% of organic...


The wonderful benefits of cucumber for the skin are countless! The production of Refreshing Cucumber Face Mask starts between June and September, when cucumbers are harvested from the organic garden in France. They are later blended into a juice and mixed with other natural ingredients to form a smooth and rich texture of a mask. Used regularly, this...


Nut & Camomile Face Scrub from Beauty Garden is a powerful yet gentle peeling made by hand in France. Instead of a harmful for our environment microplastic, this scrub exfoliates the skin thanks to a walnut shell powder.  98,47% ingredients from organic farming


Beauty Garden uses only fresh and seasonal vegetables from their organic garden to produce this amazing Pumpkin Face Mask. The production process of this mask starts between August and October, when organic pumpkins are harvested from the garden and then mixed to form a juice. Rich in beta caroten, vitamines B, C, D, E and PP, pumpkin juice is the main...


Beauty Garden Cleansing Balm with wild pansy gently removes makeup and impurities from the face. This vegan cleansing gel-balm contains softening organic oils - sunflower and sweet almond oil as well as purifying wild pansy extract. The texture of the balm will turn from oil into milk as you massage and relax your face after a long day. Beauty Garden oil...

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