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LIMA is a luxury vegan cosmetics brand based in Hungary. Founded by Marta who by herself handcrafts plant-based skincare products in her small laboratory. Behind every LIMA product is love, passion and dedication of the founder and this is what we truly love about indie brands! Marta makes soap, lip butters and body butters from organic and raw materials sourced sustainably from small European farms. All of them smell, look and feel gorgeous on the skin!

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LIMA cosmetics laboratory is located in Hungary, where all the magic for the brand happens! Their vegan cosmetics are developed and hand-made there in small batches. LIMA uses all-natural and premium quality butters, cold-pressed oils and essential oils to get the most out of each formula. LIMA cosmetics are completely free of palm oil, parabens, mineral oils, silicone, SLS as well as synthetic colorants and fragrances. Their packaging is minimalistic and plastic-free. What more can you wish for? :)