Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve was founded by Debbie in 2018 with a goal to replace single use items with reusable alternatives. She believes in being kinder to the planet on which we live and wants to do her best to minimise the issue of "throw away" culture. Zero-waste lifestyle is not difficult if we have the right tools! Discover their selection of reusable make-up pads, nail remover wipes, shower mitts and more.

Tabitha Eve stands for plastic-free alternative for everyday home products from sustainably sourced, organic fabrics.

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Tabitha Eve

Debbie started her personal war against wastefulness when diving the seas of Borneo. Confronted by a massive plastic pollution, she promised herself to try and do her part. She started creating products to replace her disposable kitchen ware... They soon became popular amongst her friends - and this is how Tabitha Eve was born! 

All Tabitha Eve products are plastic-free and made by hand by talented sewists in their studio in South Wales. Their motto is simple - Be the mosquito.

 If you think you are too small to make a differencetry sleeping with a mosquito.”- Dalai Lama.