Avocado oil is a pulp oil, pressed from the soft fruits of the avocado tree, centrifuged and filtered. It is very nourishing and soothing due to its moisture-binding properties on the epidermis and high vitamin content. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic. 100% pure and cold pressed.


This product is composed of just one precious ingredient - Maracuja Oil, which contains beneficial Vitamins A,C, K, Omega 6 and squalene. It helps to balance the moisture in the skin and remove toxic build-up in the skin, improving the skin's complexion. 100% pure and cold pressed.

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Organic Argan Oil: Rich in vitamin E, Omega 3,6,9 and natural antioxidants, it repairs the skin, helps increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It also protects and smooths hair, skin & nails. 100% pure and cold pressed.

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100% Coconut Oil: Rich in vitamin A, E and lauric acid, coconut oil is a great everyday moisturiser. Produced in the Philippines, this oil contains all the wonderfully relaxing and sweet natural fragrance of coconut. It provides protection from dryness, skin sagging and age spots.


Rose & Geranium Body Mist from Kozmetics is made only with the finest plant-derived ingredients, including two types of rose extracts to bring out the best properties of this fantastic plant. It can be used on wet or dry skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Expect a long-lasting nourishment and easy application.

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Citrus Body Mist from Kozmetics is a great everyday essential. Unlike the traditional cream moisturisers and lotions which tend to have a high water and emulsifier content this product is made from 100% natural oils selected to absorb quickly into your skin and provide it with moisture, natural fatty acids, and antioxidants. Expect a long-lasting...


Something natural for the gents! Keep your beard conditioned and groomed. Keep your beard in a great condition with our Sandalwood & Lemon Beard Oil from Kozmetics. The combination of specially selected 100% natural ingredients will keep it soft and nourished. If massaged gently into the skin of your face it will moisturise it and stimulate the hair...

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Jojoba Oil from L'esperluète is a high-quality organic oil which is cold-processed and unrefined to keep all of its properties. It's an oil that resembles the most human sebum, and thanks to that - it hydrates deeply the skin leaving it ultra soft. It absorbs quickly, leaves no oily residue and doesn't clog pores. It's gentle enough to take good care of...


Hemp Seed Oil from L'esperluète is an organic, cold-processed an unrefined beauty oil coming from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp oil works perfectly for most skin types as it can moisturise without clogging the pores. It rejuvenates the skin leaving it glowy and radiant. It soothes inflammation, reduces redness and the appearance of fine lines and...


Anti-Cellulite Oil from an indie green beauty brand You & Oil uses the power of citrus fruits to firm and smooth the skin. Grapefruit essential oil is the best natural remedy for cellulite. Rich in anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, it helps to break down cellulite and refresh the skin. The composition is enhanced by Atlas cedar essential oil, which...


All of nature's best remedies for excessive sweating locked in a beautiful bottle from You & Oil. 100% natural ingredients make it a great holistic alternative to chemical treatments. Composed of palmarosa oil, lavender oil, clary sage oil and geranium oil. This blend eliminates the bacteria that cause bad odors, prevents and regulates excess sweating...

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