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Acne: Answering The Most Common Myths

There is a lot of information out there about how to treat acne & breakouts, so much in fact that it can become overwhelming. To help you navigate this confusing world, I have broken down the most common myths & misconceptions as well as answering your questions!

Myth No.1: Drying out the skin

Breakouts are a combination of pus, bacteria, dead skin cells & dirt. This concoction unfortunately cannot be dried out so by attempting to dry out the spot you make the skin dry, angry and the pimple can become more inflamed.

Avoid harsh drying ingredients and try to focus on keeping the skin hydrated. Intensely hydrated skin helps breakouts heal faster and it also reduces the chances of developing scars. Choose lightweight moisturisers that are packed with breakout fighting ingredients and your skin will gradually calm down.

Our current favourite is the You & Oil CBDefence (5%) Acne Cream, this cream uses full spectrum hemp oil to take care of oily, combination & acne prone skin. CBD, polysaccharides and aloe vera help to unclog, treat & prevent breakouts while leaving your skin feeling perfectly hydrated.

Myth No.2: I have already have a lot of natural oils, why do I need to bother hydrating the skin?

Our natural oils, sebum, are designed to hydrate our skin. When we over produce this natural oil it can become mixed with existing dirt and bacteria on our skin to clog the pores. To prevent our sebum production from going into overdrive, we need to keep our skin nourishing and moisturised. By doing this, we are communicating to our skin that we don’t need an excess in hydration so our sebum levels decrease.

Did you know? The skin recognises acne & blemishes as breaks in the skin. These breaks trigger a process called trans epidermal water loss. This is the process in which our skin loses a large amount of hydration. When we experience skin breaks, the process is amplified! This is a natural process for our skin to undergo however when we are breaking out, the rate at which our skin becomes dehydrated is much quicker. Combat this with lightweight, fast absorbing serums to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

A hero ingredient for oily & combination skin is none other than hyaluronic acid. This superstar ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! It instantly plumps the skin and helps to deeply hydrate the skin. Our favourite right now? The Hyaluronic Acid & Probiotic Serum from Flow Cosmetics.

Myth No.3: I pop my pimples because it makes them go away faster!

It would be hypocritical of me to say that it is completely unacceptable to pop your pimples, because we all do! We know we shouldn’t but of course we all do.

Popping pimples not only increases the chances of skin damage but, if not done correctly, can transmit acne causing bacteria to other parts of the face. So while you may think you are solving the problem, unfortunately you are just creating a bigger one.

If you do have pimples that you are desperate to get rid of, please seek the help of a professional who can do the extractions in a sterile environment to ensure you are not causing more potential breakouts.

Myth No.4: The sun will help to treat my spots

The sun is amazing for our mood and it gives us vitamin D which improves our health, however unfortunately the negative side effects of the sun typically outweigh the good. If you want to know how to protect and care for yourself while being out in the sun, check out our blog post all about SPF here!

It was believed that going out in the sun would “dry up” the breakouts and treat the acne. Sadly, this just isn’t true. Exposing your skin to the sun, especially without sun protection, is going to do nothing except irritate the skin, cause pigmentation and premature aging. If you want to keep your breakouts under control, then please wear sunscreen.

Wearing sunscreen will prevent existing breakouts from getting any worse after being exposed to the sun and it can also shield your skin from the irritating effects of the sun. Take the time to find the right sunscreen for you and your skin type. If you have extremely oily skin and are looking to minimise your summer skincare routine then skip your moisturiser and just stick to the SPF.

Our favourite? NUORI Mineral Defence SPF30, this is the only sunscreen in our offer that is formulated with highly effective skincare ingredients that will take care of the skin while keeping you safe.

Myth No.5: Changing my pillow cases will have no impact on the state of my skin

This is such a simple change, but one that can have amazing results on your skin. Unfortunately, pillow cases are a breeding ground for bacteria. They are exposed to sweat, dirt, bacteria and excess skincare on a nightly basis.

If we aren’t changing our pillow cases often enough then all of this bacteria can be easily transmitted onto our skin, which can cause clogged pores and more breakouts. Change your pillow cases at least once per week and perhaps even more often if you have excessively oily skin.

So those were our responses to the most common acne myths! What do you think? Which one made you go; "wow I didn't know that"?


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