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Black Friday (?)

Black Friday is a day when the big chains offer huge discounts to their customers and make the highest profits all year round.

Black Friday is a sad day for our planet. Why? Unsustainable consumption means more waste, more plastic ending up in the oceans, more workers exploited in developing countries and more carbon emissions ...

J'adore bio, being a small business, can't compete with those big retailers - and frankly, we don't want to. It's not the change we want to create in the world. That is why we will not be offering additional discounts on Black Friday - but instead, do something good! We will donate 10% of our profits made between 20 - 27 November to an association that actually takes care of our environment.

Because... let's face it:

The only reduction that matters is the one in our ecological footprint.

We asked you on our Instagram & Facebook if you would prefer to support an association to reduce the problem of plastics in the ocean or deforestation. You voted to support forests!

We are happy to announce that the association that we will support thanks to your lovely orders is ...

Learn more about their projects here:

Make Black Friday greener with us this year!


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