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Brandt kaarsen - meet Giselle!

We had a pleasure to ask Giselle – the founder of the brand and an absolute candle-lover, couple of questions!  

What made you want to start experimenting with candle making?

Actually I learned the craft in New York, were I helped out a friend in her candle studio while I was waiting to start my job. I really fell in love with just working row after row of candles. After working for a year and a half at my previous job I decided I liked candle making more.

And so, with permission of my Candlemaster I started my own brand.

What do you love the most about candles?

I really like that they bring back memories. Scent is such a strong sense and we often forget what I can do to us. I love it when my customers tell me how certain scents bring them back to their childhood, grandma's and holidays.

What made you decide to start your own brand?

Well that was because I realised that the candle making was something I really enjoyed. I never thought I would enjoy having a company of my own even more. It is a really fantastic incidental and comes really handy if you want to keep a business going. But seeing it grow and being able to be just as creative as I want is just brilliant.

What inspired you to create the Apothecary collection?

It was my very first collection and at that time there weren't many brown jars in Europa! I wanted to create a collection that was easy, accessible and clean. The scents are recognisable, which is beneficial when selling an online product, the design is minimal so it can fit in any type of interior and it brings back a little bit of vintage Apothecary style.

Which scent from your Apothecary collection is your favourite?

Well Honeysuckle brings me back to my time in New York and Tennessee.

But the Wild Tobacco is my secret lover and Green Tea when I really need to bring on some energy.

  …and finally – do you have some exciting new scents/collections or projects coming up in 2020?

Oh yes! I am finishing the Seasonal candles. For the Autumn and Winter we have the Cedar & Clove with orange and Pine & Amber. The Spring and Summer will bring us Peony's and Sage & Rose with grapefruit. It has been a pretty cool collection to work on since I draw all the botanical drawing myself and they are printed on glass.

Furthermore I am working on the Nomad collection for ages and keeping everyone in the dark. But this year I have my team to work on working towards the launch. This collection will be an Ode to Europe. Me and my boyfriend make long distance cycle trips and I pick up so many beautifuls scents on our continent that I just had to make a collection around it. So I will combine scents from Greece, the Balkan, Italy, France all the way to the North of Europe. It's gonna be my baby for sure!

Buy Apothecary collection here.

Photo credit: https://www.cindyvanrees.com/



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