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Luxembourg Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas shopping will not be the same this year - but it can be also a great opportunity to change our habits... Instead of running around big shopping malls full of people or ordering from the biggest online retailers, why not shop locally? Choosing small and independent brands over the big names can make a huge difference for the economy, and (bonus!) your gifts will be more unique & eco-friendly too!

We’ve rounded up a bunch of gorgeous local shops to make your holiday shopping easy & supporting us - small Luxembourg business owners :)

Gifts for her

Girlfriend, wife, mum, sister or daughter! It may seem like they already have everything they could ever need but trust us when we say that there is always room for a little more! ;)

1. 100Bon Amaretto Framboise Perfume - J'adore bio 2. Vegan Bag - The Modu Shop 3. Classic Loli Hoops - Romantico Romantico 4. Rose Quartz Roller - J'adore bio 5. Surreal Dream Ring - Blossom 6. Pinceau Highlighter - J'adore bio 7. Julep Belt - The Modu Shop 

Gifts for him

'What do you want for Christmas?'

 'Mmm I don't know, surprise me'. 

This conversation sounds all too familiar? Take matters into your own hands with this selection of gifts that are ideal for the men in your life that just don't know what they want this holiday season!

 1. Cologne Bataille - J'adore bio 2. Matteo Bag - Manalena 3. Mati Merino Wool Scarf - Hels1nk1 4. Shaving Kit - J'adore bio 5. Socks - The Modu Shop 6. Dry Gin Made in Luxembourg - Opyos 7. Rubben Wallet - The Modu Shop

Gifts for kids

There is nothing better than seeing kids' faces light up with joy on Christmas morning, these beautiful & sustainable gifts are for kids ranging all ages & all interests! Did you know there are so many amazing shops for kids in Luxembourg?!

1. Ocean Pop-Out - Beetles & Bugs 2. Elephant - Beetles & Bugs 3. Wooden Kitchen - Smart BabyShop 4. Wooden Veggies - Tibitibi 5. Wooden Weighting Scale - Tibitibi 6. Tipi Coton Bio - Unicorner Concept Store 7. White Guitar - HeyLittleBaby

Zero-waste gifts

For the person in your life that is making a change & trying their best to cut down on plastic waste & help our planet!

1. Glass Bottle with Charcoal Filter - Meeliora 2. Chemex 6 Coffee Maker - Knopes 3. Pilea plant - Pilea 4. Stainless Steel Razor - J'adore bio 5. THE most zero-waste gift = Gift Card 6. Glass Lunch Bowl - Meeliora

We hope you will find this guide useful & maybe you discovered some new shops you didn't know about! 

Happy Holidays!

J'adore bio Team


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