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Beauty Tool Guide

So now we all know the difference between the crystals (if you aren’t caught up, have a read here to find out about the different properties of crystals & how they can benefit your lifestyle), let’s talk tools!

Our selection of beauty tools is always growing and we love being a part of your self-care routines, helping you feel & look your best.

There is, however, no denying that the selection of tools can be pretty daunting so whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional we are going to run through all the beauty tools we carry and how you can use them!  

Facial Roller

Probably one of the most well-known tools, this roller is ideal for anyone beginning their beauty tool journey.

The facial roller is a great light facial massage that helps to de-puff, stimulate blood circulation and drain the lymphatic system. The larger side is suitable for all areas of the face & the smaller end is perfect for fitting into under the eye area. Apply light pressure & move in an upwards motion. Increasing the circulation in our face will make the skin appear fuller & plumper while giving a natural glow.

When using any facial tool, it is typically recommended to apply a facial oil or an oil based serum before. This will make it much easier for the tool to glide over the face without dragging or tugging at the skin.

We typically suggest using the facial roller daily, however it's perfectly fine to use two times a week or even once a week!

The facial rollers are available in rose quartz, jade & amethyst!   

Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

So you may not have the time for a face roller, but you still want the results? Well how does 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute & instant results sound?

This vibrating roller is a game changer, the sonic vibrations work deep beneath the skins layers to stimulate collagen production while relieving muscle tension. The attachable notched tip head is also available which is designed to instantly drain, lift & firm the skin. The textured head will stimulate lymphatic drainage to reveal fresh, radiant skin.

Gua Sha

Perhaps another one of the most iconic beauty tools & a client favourite, the Gua Sha! We have a full blog post dedicated to the Gua sha & how to use it with a fantastic demonstration video by J’adore bio ambassador, Jessica Janusz! Check it out here!

This tool is ideal for anyone looking for an in depth facial massage. The face will appear fuller & de puffed. The shape of the Gua sha helps to give a unique massage, deeply massaging the facial muscles to visibly lift the face.

The different sides of the Gua sha can be used for different areas of the face to create structure to the face. 

Gold Derma Roller

And here we are again with another best seller, ah the derma roller!

Made of 100% copper, this notched tip facial tool works to stimulate the collagen production in the skin, relieving muscle tension &visibly smoothing the surface of the skin. This tool is definitely one of a kind & we love it especially because of the glow your skin gets after using it, oh wow! 

Apply an oil to the face and with light pressure, begin moving the roller in up & downwards motions over the face. 

3D Lifting Roller

A face lift at home? Oh yes!

The 3D lifting roller is designed to instantly lift the face revealing visibly contoured and plump skin. The two rose quartz crystal heads will help to improve the shape of your face, emphasize the cheekbones & brow bone as well as de-puffing.

For the ultimate glow, use this roller directly after using a sheet mask OR while you’re wearing the mask! 

Crystal Cryo Globes 

These cooling massage wands look undeniably beautiful but they are also incredible! Made from high grade resilient glass, these wands are designed to be kept in the fridge at all times.

The globes will soothe redness &reduce inflammation while stimulating the nerves and muscles in the face. After the treatment the skin will appear smooth, energised& radiant. For best results, use the globes after applying a serum, facial oil or moisturiser.

Using both globes, move them in an upwards & outwards motion rotating the handle of the wands. This movement is going to stimulate the blood flow and relieve muscle tension. 

Did you know that cryo globes are regularly used in spas? 

That brings the beauty tool guide to a close, we hope it has been helpful & insightful. The world of beauty tools is simply incredible and one that we are obsessed with!


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