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The Magic of Crystals

If you have shopped on our online store or been into our Luxembourg boutique you’ve probably seen our gorgeous selection of facial massage tools & crystals. One of the most common question we receive is “what is the difference between them & the crystals”. Well, that is why we have put together some information about the crystals we carry and what makes them simply magical.

For some, crystals may look pretty and for others they may be the key to mental clarity, cleansing their space and welcoming positive energy. Crystals are created from ancient minerals found deep underground and form under enormous pressure, evolving alongside the earth. Their unique & lattice like structure enables them to retain the earth’s energy at their core which gives them a vibration frequency unique to each kind of crystal. Crystals can re-align the mind, body & soul to allow us to feel balanced and centred.

Using crystals in beauty treatments have evolved from eastern medicine into the shelves of our favourite stores. Using crystals in different beauty treatments will allow positive & healing energy to flow into the body which in turn pushes the negative & toxic energy out.

Rose Quartz

This powerful crystal is perfect for anyone seeking to bring love into their life. Rose Quartz connects directly to the heart chakra, known as the centre of love, which is why this crystal is associated with love & happiness.

This connection will enhance all things love in your life, including love & kindness for those around you. Rose Quartz will help to deepen your relationship with self-love and allow you to embrace positive qualities such as; compassion, tenderness and love within yourself.

Some of our favourites that use Rose Quartz are the face roller or the Gua Sha! The results, oh wow!


Besides being simply beautiful, Amethyst is here to support you on your life’s journey. This calming and healing stone will help to quieten and soothe the mind and work towards inner peace which allows you to rest and relax. This will help with sleep & meditation. Prepare for your daily fears & worries to be calm and clear and to return to a state of equilibrium.

Amethyst deeply connects to the third eye chakra which is the centre for spirituality & intuition. This will help to purify your space of unwanted energy so you are able to truly connect with your inner peace & forget about mental distractions or clutter. Keeping amethyst around will considerably raise your energetic vibration to help keep your spirit at ease and for you to find space to truly take a breath.


Keeping this stone around you will allow you to build a stronger sense of self awareness and reconnect with inner peace.

In terms of beauty, Amethyst helps to detoxify the skin while reducing inflammation. The skin is also relived of irritation or itching. Perfect for dry or dehydrated skin!

You can find Amethyst in our face rollers or in amethyst-infused body scrub from Flow Cosmetics!


Keep the “fountain of youth” at your fingertips by bringing Jade into your life. The colour of the stone is a reflection of growth, vitality & bringing abundance into your life. Surrounding your space with Jade will help to remove negative energy that is limiting you from reaching your goals.

Jade is one of the go to stones for beauty treatments due to its fantastic anti-aging effects as well as its ability to reduce puffiness, drain the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. Boosting circulation and balancing the skin will help the skin to appear plumper & fuller. Another fantastic benefit to Jade is its ability to reduce tension held in facial muscles!

Jade is available in our face roller!

Rainbow Moonstone (Labradorite)

This crystal activates and centres your chakras to allow energy to flow freely through the body while connecting with your current mental state & emotional wellbeing.

This soothing stone has calming & relaxing energy vibrations that it releases to allow you to maintain mental clarity and shield yourself from negative or damaging vibrations.

Rainbow moonstone will encourage you to take on new & exciting opportunities that can lead to new beginnings. Using this stone in your meditation sessions will help to push you to taking the path in life that is right for you and will give you all of your truest desires.

This beautifully unique crystal can be found in the magic crystal set from Moonholi.


Known for neutralising and balancing the body, quartz helps to reduce toxins and encourages the flow of good energy.

Receiving an abundance of positive energy will work with the crown chakra to remove blockage & congestion, bring clarity to busy minds and strengthen your surrounding energy & aura. This simple yet stunning crystal is ideal for anyone looking to bring balance and refreshing energy into their space.

Create the perfect at home space with our Crystal Cloud, that uses the eye catching quartz as part of the ritual.

Working alongside the natural wonders of the earth will always bring positive benefits to us! Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post where we will breakdown every beauty tool we have create a full guide on how to use them to ensure you are getting the most benefits from them. Who’s excited?


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