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J'adore bio Advent Calendar 2020

Wondering what was hiding in our very first (and very limited) edition of Advent Calendar?! It was all made by hand by our team in Luxembourg, included 12 full size surprise products hidden in organic cotton bags!

Through December, we’ve been posting descriptions for each product you have been unwrapping every other day on our Facebook & Instagram to explain what they do & how you can use them. In case you missed them or don’t follow us (umm, maybe it's the right moment!?) on social media then we have collated all of the descriptions and put them in this blog post for you to reference to at any point whenever you need it!

Ernest Ernest Face Soap

Just a bar of soap? Oh no, no! This hard working, hydrating soap is rich in nourishing vitamin E and prickly pear oil to rebalance the skin, tighten pores and improve the overall skin texture. Lather between your hands and generously apply to the face.

Ministerstwo Hydrosol

The next skincare step is…. Hydrosol! Haven’t heard about hydrosols? They are floral waters (although they don’t necessarily smell nice – but do wonders for the skin!). Spray on your face after cleansing to calm redness, inflammation and prevent maskne.

Hydrosols combine the hard work of a serum and the lightweight feeling of a toner, say hello to your new favourite skincare step!

Your Natural Side - Hyaluronic Acid

At this point, hyaluronic acid is pretty much skincare royalty! Ideal as a daily serum, this intensely hydrating acid works deep into the skins layers nourishing your skin from the inside out. Its lightweight texture makes it perfect for all skin types too 😊 For best results, use hyaluronic acid on a damp face just after you sprayed it with hydrosol.

Suntribe - Day Cream SPF 20

We had to include this product in our Advent Calendar… not only as a reminder but also because SPF is an absolute essential, even in winter! This broad spectrum cream is all natural, mineral sunscreen made with zinc-oxide to make sure you are protected from UVA & UVB rays. The non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) formula means that this lightweight sunscreen is ideal for daily use and perfect under makeup.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Step 1 of your evening skincare routine? Remove your make-up / clean your face! Looking for an easy, zero waste swap? Yes please! These cotton rounds make the perfect replacement to conventional cotton rounds plus their super soft texture makes them even more special! Check our website for tips on how to keep them nice & clean.

Micellar Water

… and here it is – our bestselling make-up remover! This natural micellar water takes away the make up in a matter of swipes, leaving you with soft & fresh skin. Use every evening (with your reusable cotton rounds!) for revitalised, smooth and soft skin!

Christmas Konjac

Natural konjac sponges are THE perfect way to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. They are perfect to remove and prevent stubborn blackheads! Great for all skin types, their simple design makes them easy to use, for best results use either alone or with Ernest Ernest face soap!

Strawberry/Raspberry Oil

Meet THE superstar – bestselling face oil that absolutely all skin types will love! Great to hydrate, help to treat and prevent new imperfections. It leaves the skin firm and elastic! Apply 2-3 drops on its own – ideally just after the hydrosol, or mix it with hyaluronic acid! Don’t be afraid of oils if your face is oily/acneic – they are very beneficial and will actually help to heal your skin and balance sebum production!

Brightening & Soothing Undereye Roll On

Dry, itchy and puffy under eyes are no fun so thanks to the cooling effect of roller balls, these under eye serums naturally soothe and hydrate the eye area. Packed with vitamins and plant extracts to replenish dark circles, brighten and energise skin under eyes.

Lip Balm

What is a skincare routine without a lip balm!? We hope you will love the one we selected for you! Formulated with nourishing and deeply hydrating plant butters and oils, they are wonderful for winter days!

Natural Clay Powder

You didn’t think we would forget about a face mask? This one is very versatile, and you simply can’t go wrong with a pure clay mask. Clay powder is the all-natural way to remove and draw out toxins or impurities from the skin. Great for absolutely all skin types. Use 1 – 2 times a week for best results! Things to remember? Use a tiny bit of water (or hydrosol) to form a paste with a bamboo/wooden spoon (not metal!) and leave for 5 minutes, but do not leave the mask to dry! Ohh… the skin is so soft and clean! Goodbye maskne!

Silicone Anti Age Cup

Meet your skin’s new best friend (and enemy of wrinkles) - Massaging Cup… because let’s be honest - who doesn’t want a face lift in 5 minutes?!

To use, apply a face oil onto freshly cleansed and moisturised (with your new oil!) skin and simply pinch the suction cup and place it onto the skin. Make sure to follow the natural curves of your face and always move in an upwards motion. Wow – isn’t it nice?

We hope you have enjoyed welcoming these 12 new skincare gems into your life! What better way to welcome the new year than with beautiful skin 😊

P.S. We are already looking forward to next year's edition - and we promise to surprise you even more! 

Stay safe & healthy,

Happy New Year!

J’adore bio


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