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Autumn Skincare Routine - 5 Must-Haves

Believe it or not but it’s autumn time!

Changing seasons are a big challenge for our skin – and with the transition to autumn with its cooler, drier air it’s important to adapt our natural beauty routine.

Autumn Must-Haves

You might have already observed some reaction of your skin to autumn – for example under or overproduction of sebum, which is typically caused by lower sun exposure and the beginning of post-summer regeneration processes. Your skin may also be more irritated, grey and with unexpected breakouts. This means it’s time to react fast!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to adapt your skincare routine to the changing seasons. Our lifestyle and diet changes – in the colder autumn months we spend more time indoors, eat less fresh fruits and vegetables and this has a huge effect on our skin. That is why if you are using the same products despite the weather your skin might not be getting the moisture and vitamins it needs.

Below you will find some tips & tricks on how to create your all-natural autumn skincare routine as well as must-haves for the new season!

1. Cleanser

What skin might have tolerated during the summer – it might not when the weather cooled down, as it’s typically more sensitive. We recommend switching to a gentle, no-rinse product such as micellar water. Relaxing Micellar Water  by Clochee is a perfect natural cleanser for autumn as it is based on rose & orange hydrosols which tone the skin, soothe irritation and reduce redness while removing make-up and impurities.

2. Face Scrub

You might have noticed an increased build-up in dead skin cells on your face and this is completely normal in the autumn. As your skin regenerates itself after the summer months, it tends to get flaky and dehydrated… We don’t have to mention that this doesn’t result in a glowy, healthy looking face, huh?!

The best way to minimize those effects is to regularly exfoliate the skin to remove those dead skin cells. For your autumn skincare routine, choose a mildly abrasive face exfoliator and use it twice a week.

Our favourite and super-gentle alternative to a regular face scrub is Konjac Sponge. Hands up who haven’t heard about this gorgeous, all-natural invention! We like using it everyday to maintain glowy and fresh look.

If you still prefer using a traditional face scrub, try 100% natural Raw Argan Face Scrub from Savon Stories. It has a powder form, so you need to mix it with a small amount of water or your favourite organic hydrosol but it does wonders for the skin!

3. Face Mask

Pumpkin Face Mask Beauty Garden

Autumn is all about proper nourishment and hydration of the skin – you already know this. We tend to spend more time at home and it’s a good occasion to pamper our face from time to time with a natural mask.

In the summer we typically use more cleansing/detoxifying masks but in the autumn it’s time to switch to more nourishing products.

Our absolute must-have for autumn is Evolve Beauty's Bio Retinol Gold Mask. This best-selling Evolve Beauty face mask is hydrating and nourishing thanks to its high contents of rosehip oil. The Evolve Beauty gold mask uses bio retinol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation. 

Light up your favourite candle, apply this gorgeous pumpkin face mask & enjoy a cup of warm tea!

4. Face Moisturizer

Those light formulas we used in the summer should change to more rich in your autumn skincare routine. For the day we recommend using face cream with natural oils and other hydrating ingredients – such as Face Cream for Dehydrated Skin from You & Oil. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, almond and jojoba oil, it will be your skin’s best friend during the colder months.

TRICK: If you want to use up your summer day cream, simply add couple drops of a non-comendogenic oil (jojoba oil, strawberry seed oil) to enhance the hydrating effect.

For the evening, we swear by using face oils in the autumn! Remember to use them on a damp skin to lock-in even more moisture.

An example of a very powerful, superfood-rich face oil perfect for the autumn would be Carrot, Broccoli, Chia Complex from You & Oil. This all-natural blend is a natural source of retinol – great for post-summer pigmentation and dark spots, beta carotene which will give your skin a healthy tone, vitamins and acids.

5...Don’t forget about SPF!

Summer is maybe over but we shouldn’t forget about SPF. Did you know that 80% of UV rays can penetrate through the clouds?

So, although you might not be so lucky to see the sun (back to grey sky in Luxembourg...) the sun damage is still a risk for your skin. Obviously we don't have to wear strong UV protection in the autumn, unless you have a tendency to pigmentation, dark spots, melasma - in which case we would recommend SPF 50 all year round!

Our favourite solution when it comes to sunscreen is a natural BB Cream, as it's so versatile. It provides sun protection, moisturises and leaves the skin even and beautifully tinted. Try Clochee BB Creams - Illuminating with SPF 30 or Mattifying with SPF 50. They are our bestsellers!

We hope you will try & like some of our recommendations!

See you again soon!


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