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Organic skincare made in Spain - Matarrania

Matarrania - soins bio

Matarrania: organic, pure and vegan cosmetics with Spanish olive oil

If you know J'adore bio, it's not new to you that we are constantly looking for new European green beauty brands whose cosmetics are safe for the skin, environment and produced without cruelty to animals. Recently, we fell in love with Matarrania, a brand that was recently included in the offer of our online store. In this post, we invite you to discover their history and values.

The history and the concept of Matarrania

Named after a river - Matarraña, Matarrania is based in the province of Teruel, in the east of Spain. Beautifully located in the middle of vineyards and olive trees, where Matarrania team formulates and manufactures their range of organic cosmetics.

The brand's adventure begun in 2007 thanks to Evelyn Celma who wanted to create an authentic and natural skin care line. Originally from the region, she was fascinated by the olive oil production and locally grown aromatic and medicinal plants. That is why all Matarrania products are formulated with extra virgin oils and slowly macerated plant extracts. Each production step is very well-thought, slow and with respect to people, animals and environment. Matarrania tries to obtain all of their raw materials locally, thus limiting its carbon footprint.

Although Matarrania quickly became popular and loved in Spain, the brand managed to preserve its original values and purity. Its production process is more than amazing. It is one of the few green beauty brands, which formulate their cosmetics without water. This is because Matarrania believes that the best quality and efficiency possible is when the product contains 100% active ingredients. Typically, water is one of the first ingredients mentioned in INCI - but not in Matarrania cosmetics. 

Matarrania soins bio

The commitments of Matarrania

Matarrania is trully all about ecological and ethical values! Using local ingredients is one of the pillars of the brand's philosophy. That is why up to 50% of ingredients they use were produced/harvested within 300 km. This limits the impact of transport, but also supports local farmers, small businesses and cooperatives in rural areas of Spain. In addition, Matarrania itself cultivates and harvests a large part of the plant it uses to produce their cosmetics! 

Matarrania is committed to creating natural cosmetics with:

- only active ingredients and 0% water,
- ingredients from organic farming,
- only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients (beeswax is replaced by shea butter);
- virgin plant oils, including their beloved olive oil,
- pure and slowly extracted essential oils.

Matarrania also tries to limit the environmental impact of its packaging. You won't find their products in plastic packaging - all of their jars and bottles are made from glass. What is more, 30% of this glass is recycled. They believe in the idea of zero-waste and try to incorporate it as they can.

Matarrania is also committed to donating 0.7% of its annual profits to local projects related to sustainable development - either social or environmental. 

Matarrania cosmetics on J'adore bio

We invite you to discover Matarrania's organic skincare products in our online shop! Among the best selling products of the brand you will find:

- its nourishing moisturiser for sensitive skin,

- under-eye cream

organic rosehip toner.

Matarrania soins bio Luxembourg

Enjoy and let us know which product is your favourite!

With love,

J'adore bio


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