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Jessica's skincare picks

Meet Jessica - J’adore bio ambassador and founder of Anushia, an online yoga & meditation membership. Jessica is a certified yoga teacher, speaker and wellbeing entrepreneur.

Jessica Janusz - Anushia Luxembourg

Jessica created Anushia to support people in putting their physical, mental, and emotional self-care first. We couldn’t agree more with what she stands for and we love everything about her digital studio. At J’adore bio and Anushia we truly believe that natural beauty comes from within and that is why we encourage you to practice self-care – whether through at-home skin care rituals or yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Hear from Jessica herself about her journey venturing into the world of natural cosmetics,

as my passion for yoga grew, I started to follow a ‘less is more’ approach. I did an audit on myself (and not the accounting kind hallelujah ; )), reviewing the quality of everything in my life from
relationships and friendships to career and lifestyle, which as you can guess - this even included what I was putting on my skin. 

I started choosing quality over quantity. Afterall, what we allow in on the outside starts to affect the inside. I knew that if I wanted to truly commit and show up as my best self then this meant making different choices. And it always amazes me how when we set intentions of what we want and are ready to let go of what we don’t want - new, more aligned things start to come in. 

This is how I started experimenting and finding the differences in natural products. It’s been a love connection ever since!

Anushia x J'adore bio

So, let’s see what is in Jessica’s bathroom cabinet:

1. Gua Sha

Natural Botox for the face, are words we all want to hear. The Gua Sha is a game changer when it comes to anti-aging, the 100% natural rose quartz stone stimulates the skin cells and reduces puffiness. If you haven’t yet dived into the world of crystals, this is a great place to start. Plus if you put the Gua Sha in the fridge an hour or two before you use it, it’s a whole new world!

2. Bio Retinol + C Booster from Evolve Beauty

This oil based booster brings together vitamins A,C,F & E combined with bio-retinol which is then blended into a soothing base of rosehip oil. Vitamin C & A promote anti-aging benefits which help to increase the skins collagen production and hydration levels to boost radiance & luminosity.

As a self proclaimed lover of using the Gua Sha, Jessica explained to us that using this serum alongside the crystal amplifies its skin benefits and you just won't believe your eyes when you start to see the results from this dynamic duo!

3. Anti-Aging Silicone Cup from Easy Livin'

If you are after a quick & easy treatment that will help reverse the signs of aging in a matter of minutes then this may be the accessory you have been looking for. Based on ancient Chinese techniques called ‘cupping’, this silicone cup lifts, visibly reduces wrinkles and gives you a glowy complexion in return. 

We asked Jessica what she thought of the Silicone face cup and this is what she had to say, “this really awakens the skin and gives a nice plumping effect to the face. It also leaves a rosy, pink tone to the skin.

4. Algae Face Mask from By Mukk

This face mask is ideal for anyone who wants to give their skin a boost and a surge of goodness! I tend to use this mask as an exfoliating treatment as the lactic acid and algae work to exfoliate the surface of the skin and the vitamin C helps to revitalise and even out the skin tone. 

If you suffer from problematic skin or pigmentation then this mask is perfect! If you use this mask in the morning before heading out the door, please remember to apply a generous dose of SPF because vitamin C leaves our skin vulnerable to UV rays.

I find that washing off face masks can sometimes feel like a chore but this is just so easy to use and remove! It takes no more than 15 minutes and my skin looks so healthy and radiant. It is also a great mask to use before going out!” – Jessica.

5. French Pink Clay from Your Natural Side

Clay is best known for its gentle cleansing properties. If you suffer from acne, problematic skin or if you are just after a deep cleansing mask then French Clay is the way to go. As the clay dries it will draw out impurities such as dead skin cells and excess oils from your pores leaving you with soft, supple skin! 

It is recommended to mix the clay powder with water but you can switch it up like Jessica does! “This is such a natural and fresh mask. I use it once every two weeks because I know how deep it works into the skin. My skin feels naturally tightened as though I have just finished having a luxurious facial! I also like to mix the powder with coconut oil.”

6. Cream Blush - Mawhero from NUI

If you can find a quick & easy product that also happens to be multipurpose, you’ve hit a makeup jackpot! This cream to powder blush from NUI does just that, the natural rose shade gives an effortless, healthy glow to the skin.

Jessica agrees, saying “it gives the perfect rosy, everyday glow!

7. Shower Gel from Mirins

This refreshing and revitalising body wash in unlike any other, the refreshing aroma of lemon & ginger make it a joy to use. This is a firm favourite within the J’adore bio team, “a boost of citrus aromatherapy in your shower” is Jessica’s comment and I couldn’t agree more! Based on essential oils, this body wash does more than just get you clean. Lemongrass & ginger essential oils help to boost collagen production and stimulate blood circulation. This product is ideal for anyone who is looking for a boost of vitality and radiance!

8. Cream Deodorant - Orange & Lavender from Clemence & Vivien 

This is the only natural deodorant that actually works and stops me from profusely sweating! It is super easy to use and has a nice, non-sticky texture. I swear by this deodorant” – Jessica. 

I think that quote is pretty convincing on how amazing this product is but I’m going to tell you even more! Aluminium free and formulated with ingredients that your skin will love, this is the easiest switch to make when venturing into natural cosmetics. The addition of baking soda, a natural antibacterial will keep you fresh all day as it absorbs excess sweating! The blend of butters & oils in these deodorants make them ideal for anyone with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

PS. If you are pregnant but still want to use natural deodorants, there are two scents within this range that are free of baking soda & essential oils so they will be perfectly safe for you to use!

10. Glow Body Balm from Clochee

Whether you’ve had a summer abroad or have been making the most out of your back garden, Glow will help you hold onto that summer feeling well into the winter months! The combination of shea butter & aloe vera juice restores and soothes the skin. 

Jessica says, “it gives me that beachy glow all year around and I’m obsessed! It's one of my favourites.” After one application your skin is luminous, vibrant and it will have everyone asking where you got that stunning glow from!

11. Body Balm Intuition from Mirins

From all of the hand sanitiser I have been using over the last few months, my hands have become super dry. It has a great long lasting smell and it almost feels like a perfume! But this is perfect for post hand sanitiser hydration!” – Jessica. 

Coming into the winter months, dry and irritated skin will become a reality quicker than we know it! This natural body balm is made with a harmonious blend of essential oils to nourish not only your skin but also your mood!

12. Soy Candle - Bali Holidays from Hagi

Obviously I can’t go to Bali right now but the candle makes you feel like you are visiting the rainforest and walking the streets of little towns. I still use the candle now even though we are going into fall! This is the perfect staycation candle.” – Jessica.

Staycation. The word to perfectly sums up 2020! What we love about Hagi Candles is that not only are they non toxic and made of 100% organic soy wax but their scents transport you out of your living room to wherever you want to go in the world. The fragrant base of lemongrass, grapefruit & cedar wood essential oils fill a room with an incredible tropical scent!

Check all Jessica's favourites here.

P.S. Anushia members enjoy some extra benefits at J’adore bio!

Hannah / J'adore bio


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