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New Year's Beauty Resolutions

After knowing myself for almost 30 years, I already know that I won't be going to the gym every other day, reading lots of books every month or eating gluten-free. That's why my New Years Resolutions for 2021 will be realistic and focused on what I love most: skincare! So this year I plan to take good care of myself and feel better by putting myself at the top of my priorities.

How will I do it? Here is what I would like to do in 2021:

Resolution n° 1:
I will take supplements regularly.

I started needing supplements after giving birth to my son in 2019. My hair started to fall out very quickly ... This is when I started taking Hairleluja from Ogaenics and after 2 months I started to see results. I have since tried other Ogaenics beauty supplements and would like to continue taking them regularly.

Beauty from the inside out!

Resolution n° 2:
I will adapt my skincare routine to the lunar cycle.

The moon has started to fascinate me, and I want to know more about it! How it affects our energy, our menstrual cycles, our skin care rituals and how we can use it to connect more with nature - this is something I want to learn about in 2021. I have already started doing specific self-care rituals during the Full Moon and New Moon - which I will devote an entire article to.

Resolution n° 3:
I will practice face yoga & face massage.

Facial massage is something I discovered in 2020 and want to do it every day in 2021. I love using the gua sha and the 3D Lift Roller - but you don't need any tools to get started .

What are the effects of face massage?

The circulation will be improved, the drainage of toxins will be stimulated and the redness and fine lines will gradually disappear.

There is also something else, which you may have heard of recently: face yoga. Sounds fancy, right?! During face yoga you exercise muscles of the face without any tools.

I would like to start practicing it this year and learn more about face yoga. We have so many muscles on our face - it makes perfect sense to practice them, as we do with the muscles on our body!

Resolution n° 4:
I will be wearing SPF every day.

This may be my resolution every year, and although I apply SPF regularly, there is always room for improvement. As a person with skin prone to pigmentation, it is even more important for me to protect my skin from the sun. I love Clochee's BB creams and I use them depending on how my skin feels - if it is more oily I like the Mattifying SPF50 one, if it is less oily I choose the Illuminating one with SPF30.

Resolution n° 5:
I will devote Sunday evenings to my self-love routine.

Light a candle, take a long hot bath with detoxifying salts, thoroughly cleanse the face and put on a face mask ... it's my plan for every Sunday this year! :) 

...so, if I don't reply to your messages on Sunday evening - you know why!

Having a toddler and taking care of J'adore bio, I don't have a lot of time for myself, but it makes a huge difference to my well-being if I take that hour (or even less) on a Sunday night to do what I like - skin care. I'm taking out my favorite products - right now it's Mirins Body Scrub, Nathalie Bond Bath Salt, Evolve Gold Mask and I'm just relaxing.

And you, what are your resolutions for the new year?

To start the year off right, feel free to write to me at aga@jadorebio.com or go to our store in Luxembourg to chat with Hannah about how to change your skincare routine. 


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