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How to spot microplastic in cosmetics?

Typically found in face and body scrubs, waterproof make-up or toothpastes - these tiny pieces of plastic are not caught by filters and end up straight in the oceans. Then, they are often confused with plankton and eaten by marine life.

This circle is terrible for the entire planet as now our water systems and food is polluted with plastic. We can, however, reduce our impact by choosing products without microplastic.

How to spot microplastic in cosmetics?

1. Read the ingredients

As usual, mass manufacturers are not making it easy for the customer to actually identify if the product contains microplastic or not. Some of the most commonly used microplastics include:

- Polyethylene (PE),

- Polypropylene (PP),

- Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA),

- Nylon (PA),

- Polyurethane,

- Acrylates Copolymer,

- Dimethicone.

2. Use a mobile application

You can also scan the barcode of the product you wish to check using the Beat the Microbead application on your mobile to see if it contains microplastic or not.

3. Choose certified organic cosmetics

Another option is of course to select products that are certified organic, as all renowned certifications absolutely ban the use of microbeads.

or... simply shop at J'adore bio :)

We always check the ingredients lists for you and will never offer products with microplastic! Our scrubs include raspberry seeds, sugar, coffee or salt as exfoliating particles - no need for plastic there!


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