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6 must-haves for summer holidays

Having to pack our bags and going on holidays is often quite a big challenge! We want to take all our cosmetics with us but the problem is… we often lack SPACE! 

This is why, at J’adore bio, we want to present you our selection of 6 super practical products for summer holidays which are also plastic-free & all natural (of course!). 

Zero-waste holidays…

You don't have to resign from your good routines when leaving home. In fact, zero-waste cosmetics, such as soaps or solid shampoos are great to travel with! 

1. We Love The Planet natural deodorants are a must because... who wants to smell bad on holidays?! This deodorant does not contain aluminium salts, and is a natural and vegan alternative to traditional deodorants. Additional plus - it's packaging! Light, easy to carry around & you guessed it - plastic-free. 

2. Another plastic-free MUST for holidays is a bamboo toothbrush. We love carrying ours in a bamboo case, but this is totally optional. Truthbrush toothbrushes are biodegradable, made with plant based bristles, 62% castor oil and 38% nylon as well as being cruelty free & vegan!

    Products that will save you luggage space…

    4. Face soap from LIMA is small and handy to take with you on holidays. Use it instead of a regular face wash - it will save space in your luggage!

    5. Reusable Cotton Rounds are a perfect solution for holidays! Say goodbye to single-use cotton pads which take too much space and create too much waste! Simply wash your cotton rounds in warm soapy water after each use and hang to dry - they will be ready to use on the next day!

    6. Have you heard of toothtablets? This wonderful invention works great when traveling, camping etc... Simply chew them and brush your teeth! No water needed :)


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