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New Brand: The Ome Store

Welcome, The Ome Store!

J’adore bio has the honour of being the first retailer in Luxembourg to welcome these beautiful candles into our store. The Ome Store offers a stunning selection of hand made candles that make any interior space just feel complete. They are now available in our Luxembourg boutique, as well as on our online store!

About The Ome Store

The Ome store was founded by Sal, after quitting her job & moving to Italy; her candle making journey began. As with any new venture, the journey was full of experimentation, learning & success! After relocating from Italy to Luxembourg & welcoming their first baby, The Ome Store was officially launched at the beginning of 2021. We feel honoured to be able to display these beautiful candles in our store and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

What makes The Ome Store so special?

With every candle being made solely by hand, these beauties really do speak for themselves! Handmade with a bespoke blend of beeswax & soy wax, natural dyes & of course plenty of love! These candles are made in small batches, this slow artisanal approach to candle making ensures that each one of their sculptural masterpieces is perfect.

The Ome Store candles are available in our boutique & online! We can’t wait for you to welcome these masterpieces into your homes.


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