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Skincare routine for spring

The end of March marks the beginning of spring and the return of sunny days (yeeey!). Seasonal changes affect not only our mood, but also our skin. At the end of winter, the complexion is often dull and dry. But with the spring – natural sebum production will come into balance, skin will start looking fresh and glowy if you properly take care about it!

After several months of cold weather, mostly staying indoors (with dry air) and using rich moisturisers and protecting creams, it's time to change your natural skincare routine for spring and opt for lighter formulas! Here are some valuable tips for the best natural beauty routine for spring.

Exfoliation: goodbye dead skin cells!

Coffee Scrub Skin & Tonic

After winter our skin needs some extra care to return to its best shape! It’s a great time to perform some detox treatments to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body throughout these colder months. That is why exfoliation is so important now. Spend some extra time to remove dead skin cells that make the skin dull and grey. Natural face & body peelings are usually made of sugar, salt or coffee. Gentle massage with those abrasive agents will improve blood circulation, thereby increasing cell regeneration. There is nothing better for “spring cleaning” than exfoliation!

Incorporate natural face and body scrubs to your skincare routine, at least 2-3 times a week. This step is essential to make the skin soft and radiant. For the face, choose something gentle not to over-exfoliate such as Raw Argan Face Scrub from Savon Stories. Remember that the skin on our face is particularly fragile and sensitive after the winter so be gentle.

For the body, we recommend coffee scrubs as they not only exfoliate the skin but also energise, tone and give nice colour! Our choice for spring is Skin & Tonic Coffee Body Scrub.

Choose lighter formulas

Unlike in the winter, when we spend most of the time indoors where the air is very dry, the spring is more humid and our skin is directly affected by these seasonal changes. The arrival of warmer months is the perfect time to replace your very rich face cream with a lighter moisturiser. This way, you will avoid over-moisturising your skin, which needs to breathe a little after a long winter... Natural cosmetics have lots of options of creams with lighter formulas. One of our favourite is Light Moisturising-Revitalising Cream from Clochee, formulated with hyaluronic acid.

Refresh your skin

Refreshing mists are must-haves for a natural springtime beauty routine! We particularly like single-ingredient floral waters and hydrolats that immediately energise, tone and brighten the skin. Organic Rose Hydrosol is particularly great for spring as it smells soo good! Ideal to uplift your spirits anytime throughout the day.

Tip: if you want to intensify the feeling of freshness when using a hydrosol, keep it in the refrigerator and spray cold on the skin.

Do not forget about the mineral sunscreen

Natural beauty routine for spring J'adore bio

Even though UV rays are just as bad in the winter, spring is the time to start using a sunscreen in case you forgot about it during the cold season. Indeed, the sun is much more present and begins to be stronger at this time.

As we tend to spend much more time outdoors in the spring (yeey - that’s a good thing!) we have to protect our face from UV and skin ageing. Over the last year we have discovered and tested a great multi-functional cream which is just perfect for spring! It has a very lightly moisturising formula, gives the skin even and healthy colour and provides SPF 30 protection. Clochee SPF30 Illuminating BB Cream can replace your moisturiser, foundation and mineral sunscreen with just one product.

So, do not forget about using a natural, mineral sunscreen all spring to protect your fact and, of course prepare it for the summer time!

Enjoy the spring time!


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