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Skincare Tips for Working From Home

The occasional work from home day may be fun, but if it's your reality for almost a year now it might feel like a trap rather than a luxury. Being stuck at home indefinitely can start to mess with our schedules and routines. But it's not a time to forget or skip your skincare rituals - contrary, it might be the key to surviving this whole thing (with a beautiful skin as an added bonus)! 

Forget the Make-Up!

One of the best things you can do for your skin when working from home is trying to take a break from makeup. Not wearing makeup for an extended period of time gives your skin a well-deserved break.

Rocking a fresh face help can also help boost your confidence and make you feel great in the skin you’re in. Work on self-love and celebrate 100% of who you are - it can really boost the mood when we need it most!

Blue Light & Blueberry Extract

As more of us are spending a large part of our day staring at our screens, studies have begun to look into the effects that extended exposure to blue light has on our skin. These studies are fairly new and to conclude accurate results, it obviously takes a long time. For the time being certain studies have come out saying that while it is too early to tell if there is a definitive link between blue light from our devices & skin damage, it does have the potential to be harmful for our skin.

So even if the industry is placing a question mark around blue light for now, there are certain measures you can take that will protect your skin. Taking time away from a screen where you can is at the top of the recommendations, taking a break from your devices will not only improve your mental health but also physical! Reducing the brightness and enabling a blue light filter will also help to take care of your skin.

Look for products that are rich in antioxidants, especially blueberry extract, as this will not only give you’re your skin a glow but it can also create a barrier against blue light! 

Flow Cosmetics Bilberry Moisture Cream
Arctic bilberries are formulated alongside hydrating shea butter & oils to create a vitamin rich cream that is suitable for all skin types! 

Skin & Tonic Calm Down Face Oil
Formulated with just 6 ingredients, this oil is a harmonious blend of skin calming ingredients such as camellia, Centella asiatica and blueberry to soothe inflammation and aid skin in need of help.

Mask Day Every Day

Hey, you're working from home and this means face masks are now not only reserved for weekends. So, once every 2-3 days, before you settle down at your laptop, smooth on your favourite face mask, lip serum & maybe even a hair mask to work on yourself while you work at home! 

Win - win, right? 

Some of my recent favourite face masks are:

ByMukk Algae Peel Mask
Rich in vitamin C to boost collagen and hydrating algae, this mask helps to rejuvenate the skin while Jasmin extract helps to calm the skin and act as an anti-stress effect! This mask is ideal for all skin types, especially for dull and tired skin.

Flow Cosmetics Strawberry Milk Mask
Rich in hyaluronic acid & arctic strawberries, this mask helps to hydrate, soothe and brighten the skin. Pink clay helps to gently cleanse the skin while aloe & coconut milk powder help to nourish and soften the skin.

And Breathe…

The best way to describe life at the moment is noisy. Constant breaking news, updates or developments and some days it just feels impossible to silence the noise. As our homes have transformed into offices & classrooms, it can just feel too much sometimes. But guess what, it’s okay. Its okay if you have a bad day, its okay if you just want to cry and its okay if you just feel like you are getting by one day at a time. There is no handbook at how to get through a global pandemic so take your time and always take time to check in with yourself mentally & physically. Celebrate the little things and the little wins, and remember that every new day is one step closer to life feeling a little more manageable.

Finding a moment of calm can be pretty challenging to say the least! The Calm Balm from Skin & Tonic is formulated to help you relax or fall asleep with the calming blend of lavender, chamomile and calendula. The calming blend of scents makes this an essential to keep by the side of your bed and to use when needed. Simply apply the balm to your neck, wrists and temples and deeply breathe in the soothing aroma.


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