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Make-Up Accessories


Cotons Lavables Bio
Lingettes Réutilisables Dissolvantes
Carrés Démaquillants Réutilisables Bio
Bandeau Noir
Trousse Coton Bio
Lime à ongles
Pinceau Correcteur No. 2
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The zero waste and natural make-up accessories that we offer you at J'adore bio are all handmade products.

The different brushes of the Jacks Beautyline brand are all handmade in Germany and are all made with a 100% vegan handle. They are thus of a high quality that we attach great importance to!

In addition, in order to protect your skin even more, we offer you cotton discs as well as natural and reusable dissolving wipes. These products are natural, handmade and made from unbleached organic cotton!


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