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Rasoir Réutilisable - Or rose
Rasoir Réutilisable - Noir
Rasoir Réutilisable - Blanc
Brosse Rasage Vegan

Bareaya is a brand committed to provide a sustainable alternative to disposable razors. Run by French eco-advocate Marjorie, Bareaya was founded in 2018 and is currently based in France.

What is the problem with disposable razors?

Plastic razors are NOT RECYCLABLE as they are made of a mix of materials.They are not meant to last, so they are built out cheaply which lowers their efficiency...The multiple-blade system tries to make up for that lack of sharpness by providing the equivalent of several strokes in one go. This can cause a lot of irritations = RAZOR BURNS. In the long run, buying disposable razors that harm both the environment and the skin simply doesn’t make sense. 


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