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Baume onctueux fleurs d'été
Baume onctueux fraîcheur d'agrumes
Baume Onctueux Lait d'Amande
Baume Solide Mandarine
Baume Solide Ottomane Rose
Baume Solide Pêche Parfaite
Baume solide Winter Rescue
Beurre Corporel Tropical Blossom
Calm Balm Baume Apaisant
Gel d'Aloe Vera bio 99%
Glow Body Balm
Lotion Corps African Orange
Pomegranate & Goji Aromatic Lotion
Prune Lotion Stick

Shea butter - a natural moisturiser

If there was only one product we could have in our bathroom, it would be this one! Shea butter is so much more than an all-natural body lotion. It is a multifunctional product with so many benefits for your body and health!

Shea butter is one of the many beauty secrets we’ve learnt from Africa. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, it is the perfect organic body butter to hydrate and soften the skin all year round. Also, because of its gentle-nature, it is the perfect body lotion for pregnant women and babies.
The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter make it suited to applying on eczema, psoriasis and irritations, as it soothes and calms the skin. In addition, you can apply it to any scars to protect them, or to prevent stretchmarks – thanks to its high vitamin E content!

Your Natural Side is a lovely brand offering natural shea butter, so give it a try and watch the results! The hydration of your skin plays an important role in the appearance of wrinkles. The fatty acids and vitamin E in shea butter helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and therefore prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging (such as dark spots). Shea butter can be used like a good hand cream to get all these wonderful benefits! Being rich in vitamin A and carotene, shea butter is ideal for protecting dry and brittle hair! Dull or sun-damaged hair will be rejuvenated by the properties in shea butter –everyone will think you’ve gone to the spa! You can use shea butter as a mask on the ends of your hair, or directly onto your scalp if its irritated.

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