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Greasy Hair


Shampoing Cheveux Gras
Après-Shampoing Leave-in
Chouchou en Soie
Shampoing Citron
Peigne Crystal Jade
Shampoing Solide Cheveux Blonds
Save 13%
Shampoing Solide Rhassoul
Shampoing Solide Banane
Après-Shampoing Citron
Shampoing Solide Cheveux Gras
Save 19%
Sold Out
Shampoing Sec
Shampoing Solide Cheveux Noirs
Save 27%
Shield Shampoo
Shield Spray
Shield Conditioner
Petite Brosse à Cheveux
Peigne Crystal Quartz Rose
Having greasy hair can have several reasons, it can be genetic, excessive consumption of greasy food, stress or usage of unsuitable shampoos. Sometimes it is only enough to change your shampoo to solve your problems with oily hair because hair products often contain chemical ingredients which can irritate the sebaceous glands, that is responsible for the sebum production.

Therefore, products with natural ingredients may be the better choice for your hair because the shampoos are made with essential oils which can help protect and nourish your scalp and reduce sebum production. J'adore bio offers 100% natural, vegan and zero-waste shampoo and conditioner for oily hair.

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