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Mélange d'huiles Anti-Transpirant
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Déodorant en Crème Fresh Cotton
Déodorant Crème Vanille - Sans Soude
Déodorant Crème Menthe Poivrée
Déodorant Crème Mandarine - Sans Soude
Déodorant Crème Le Sucré
Déodorant Crème Le Fleuri
Déodorant Crème Fleur d'Oranger
Déodorant Crème - Sweet Serenity
Déodorant Crème - Sweet & Soft - Vegan & Sans Soude
Déodorant Crème - Original Orange
Déodorant Crème - Mighty Mint
Déodorant Crème - Lovely Lavender
Déodorant Crème - Forever Fresh

Why switch to natural deodorant?

Sweating is made out of water, lactate and minerals. It is an important natural mechanism that regulates our body. It is toxic to try to counter this with traditional deodorants which are not only responsible for eliminating odors: they also disturb the balance of your skin and causes irritations with aggressive scent. Many deodorants contains salts aluminum which promotes anemia, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and many more. 

However, the deodorant is part of our natural beauty care and we apply it every day so it should be chosen with care.

We have done your homework for you, the best natural, vegan and cruelty free deodorants are here!

J'adore bio offers deodorants without aluminum salts and synthetic fragrances. How do they prevent bad odors? It's simple. They are formulated with baking soda, a weighty ally against all types of odors, and essential oils, for different flavors! You will also find shea butter to protect the skin.

Each of us has different preferences therefore we have a selection of different texture that so everyone will find what they need. Ben & Anna has stick formulated deodorants, but we also have Clémence and Vivien cream deodorants with a delicious floral, non-oily scent that will leave no stains on your clothes.

Roll-on fans will appreciate the Saponaria ball deodorant without aluminum salts, alcohol and soda.

Finally, the essential astringent and antibacterial Alum stone which remains effective for 24 hours and regulates perspiration.

Speaking of regulating your perspiration, we also have the natural solution for you: the antiperspirant complex of You and Oil is made of palmarosa oil, lavender oil, d clary sage and geranium oil to stop bad odors.


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