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Enfance Paris


1er Dentifrice
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Shampoing Douceur 0-3 ans
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Gel Lavant Corps & Visage 500ml
Save 14%

Everything began when a mother who wanted to develop products she couldn't find in standard stores: skin care products without complicated chemical ingredients, adapted to children's skin...

Because children's skin is the most precious skin that exists, Enfance Paris offers top-of-the-range organic skin care products with precious, effective ingredients. They offer complete transparency and safety to mothers to better take care of their children, at any age, with 100% natural and made in France products.

Enfance Paris is a skincare line adapted to the specific requirements of children's skin, from birth to adolescence. Their formulations are all eco-responsible to ensure innocuousness for the skin but also for the environment!

Without any petrochemical ingredients, these skincare products may foam less but they respect our children's skin and do not pollute our planet!


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