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Brosse à Sourcils No. 1
Pinceau Correcteur No. 2
Pinceau à Sourcils No. 4
Petit Pinceau à Paupières No. 5
Pinceau à Paupières No. 6
Pinceau Shading No. 7
Pinceau Correcteur No. 8
Pinceau Poudre No. 9
Pinceau Poudre No. 10
Pinceau Grande Poudre No. 18

What makes JACKS Beauty Line make-up brushes so special?

Founded by a make-up artist Miriam Jacks, the brand is offering beautiful vegan brushes painted by hand in Germany. The quality is so high, that they give 3 years guarantee for all your brushes! 

Cruelty-free make-up brushes

All make-up brushes from JACKS Beauty Line are made of synthetic hair, which is just as soft as real hair. It is 100% vegan, is much easier to clean and therefore will last you so much longer!


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