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Face Soap


Savon au Charbon
Savon Nettoyant Visage Figue
Coco-Crème Mousse Nettoyante
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Savon Visage Charbon
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Savon Visage Argile Blanche
Savon Visage Argile Verte

When you are looking for a soap to cleanse your face, it is important to know what kind of soap you are using. Not all kind of natural soap is suitable for the skin of your face. The skin on our face is more sensitive than the rest of our body and therefore you should consider to purchase a soap adapted to your skin on the face.

In our collection of face soap, we offer soaps with charcoal and clay, both have detoxifying and balancing the sebum production properties. Best suitable for those who has combination and greasy skin. Our face soap with withe clay is most suitable for those with sensitive and dry skin, since it also has nourishing and hydrating effects.


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