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Crème Solaire SPF50

Why is it important to protect your skin from the sun?

Protecting your skin from the sun is a must & sunscreen should be applied 365 days – no excuses!

While the sun has many beneficial effects on our health, the rays it emits can be extremely harmful to the skin. UVA & UVB rays are the rays that penetrate the skin and cause a varying degree of damage. UVA rays penetrate much deeper and are responsible for premature aging and loss of elasticity while UVB rays cause sunburn which can lead to melanoma and skin cancer.

Which sunscreen is right for you?

We have a variety of sun protections ranging from SPF20, 30and 50! Our sunscreens are formulated with zinc oxide & titanium dioxide based filters that do not contain nanoparticles.

Protect both your face & body against the harmful UVA & UVB rays while respecting your skin as well as the environment.

Our selection of water resistant sunscreens are ideal for all those who enjoy being out and about but still want broad spectrum protection!

A few of our favourites  

NUORI Mineral Defence SPF30 for Face

A facial sunscreen that is packed with hydrating & anti aging benefits. This sunscreen/skincare hybrid helps to also reduce and fade pigmentation. The Mineral Defence SPF30 for Face gives the skin an incredible soft feel while leaving a primer like finish, making it ideal for daily use!

NUORI Mineral Defence SPF30 for Face & Body

This product is just incredible! 

Formulated with a complex of carrot oil, karanja oil & vitamin E gives a radiant, transparent finish! Thanks to its lightweight and hydrating formula, the skin is protected against dryness and dehydration. The Mineral Defence SPF30 for Face & Body uses mineral zinc oxide, non nano, to protect the skin against the UVA & UVB rays.


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