About J'adore bio

Thank you for visiting J'adore bio! We are happy that you are a conscious consumer looking for efficient and non-toxic cosmetics. 

Who we are

J’adore bio is an online shop with natural cosmetics from niche European brands. The company is based in Luxembourg (so are we - the proud founders), but we ship the orders all over Europe to France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Ireland and more... What makes J'adore bio different from other green beauty shops is the relationship we have with the brands we offer and our customers. We cooperate mostly with small, family-led brands and discuss directly with the brand founders. When it comes to our relationship with clients, we value this contact a lot and are happy to make products and skincare recommendations.

How it all started?

The idea for J'adore bio came about when Agnieszka, co-founder, watched a documentary about chemicals in cosmetics and their impact on health. She became aware of how many toxic ingredients are in conventional beauty products. It's especially disturbing for a women, as we put so many products on our skin to feel and look beautiful, when in fact most of them only harm our health. The skin is the largest organ in our body and absorb all those synthetic ingredients from our cleansers, face creams, eye creams etc.

What is the most frightening is that babies these days are born with more than 200 different chemicals in their blood. But there is an alternative and a way to prevent this. More and more customers become cautious of what they put on their skin and there are more and more companies producing clean and non-toxic cosmetics to meet their needs.

J'adore bio offers cosmetics from small brands which are made with lots of love and natural and organic ingredients only. Safe beauty products for adults and children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Organic skincare for every budget

We offer a range of niche natural brands from luxe to less, so that you can discover beautiful organic cosmetics whatever your budget. For those looking for high end products, Clochee face creams and serums have amazing anti-aging properties. At the lower end of the scale, Sylveco has wide variety of natural products with safe ingredients for all skin types.

First natural cosmetics shop in Luxembourg

Although J'adore bio is an online shop, we are proud to say that it is the first natural cosmetics shop in Luxembourg. We live here and we founded our company here! In the future we plan to open a physical shop in Luxembourg :) but let us grow first!

If you have questions, please email us, we will be happy to assist you!