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Chamomile Hydrosol

Chamomile Hydrosol


Chamomile Hydrosol from Bioline is a superb natural skincare product, which balances the skin, soothes rashes, acne, burns and sunburn. Certified organic, it is one of the most gentle of all hydrosols. Just like chamomile tea, it has similar relaxing and calming properties. It is a wonderful make-up remover, skin cleanser and skin toner. In addition, it is fairly astringent – ideal for oily skin.

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All skin types. Recommended for oily and sensitive skin. It is also perfect if you have trouble sleeping, or simply want an easy and convenient way to relax after a long day! Vegan friendly.

When using as a face toner, spray it directly onto the face couple of times and breathe in the fragrance to benefit from aromatherapeutic properties.

Morning and evening on a cleansed face, before moisturiser.

Size: 75 ml

INCI: Matricaria recutita


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Cistus (Rock Rose) Hydrosol is astringent, styptic and is useful for wound and scar care as well as in anti-acne prevention and plumping skin cells. Beneficial for anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, toning and tightening skin. 100% pure and natural.


Juniper Hydrosol is collected during steam distillation of juniper berries. It is good for reducing acne, skin irritations and excess oiliness on the skin. What is more, Juniper Hydrosol promotes elimination of toxins and wastes from the skin. Its aroma is fresh, herbal and slightly sweet.