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Cistus Anti-Acne Hydrosol

Anti-Acne Cistus Hydrosol


Organic Cistus (Rock Rose) Hydrosol is astringent, antiseptic and useful to reduce acne scars, spots and discoloration. It helps to heal microdamages of the skin, stimulates microcirculation and leaves the skin clean. 

Cistus is one of the richest polyphenol plants. Polyphenols have numerous beneficial properties for the skin - as they help to clear and detoxify it. Regular use of cistus hydrosol will help to heal acne, reduce the appearance of scars and make complexion bright.

100% pure and natural.

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Problematic skin prone to acne or discoloration. Vegan friendly.

Spray onto cleansed face and neck and follow by your favorite moisturiser. Refrigerate, or store in a cool place after opening for best results.

Recommended to use in the evening before moisturiser. The hydrosol has a very strong aroma.

Size: 75 ml

Packaging: Glass bottle

INCI: Cistus Laudaniferus