Organic Rose Hydrosol

Your Natural Side

Organic Rose Hydrosol from Your Natural Side is produced by steam distillation of Damask rose flowers from Bulgaria. It moisturises, supports healing and soothes the skin. Rose flower water also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin cells from collagen damage. It strengthens the blood vessels, improves elasticity and tone of the skin. When used on hair, it adds natural shine, making them look bouncy and healthy. 

We love it for its amazing, floral scent! It feels so refreshing and luxurious to spray it on the face in the morning...

J'adore bio LuxembourgVegan J'adore bioOrganicAlcohol-free100% natural


Perfect for every skin type, also for mature skin, dry and dehydrated skin and skin with uneven colour. Vegan friendly.

Spray the water directly on the skin or hair and enjoy its floral scent! 

Ideal for daily use.

Size: 100 ml

Packaging: Glass bottle with plastic atomiser. #lesswaste

INCIRosa Damascena Water

CertificatesSoil Association
Stamps100% natural