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Meditation Set Glow Up

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Start the day with a boost of positive energy to allow yourself to open up to new possibilities! 

Palo Santo will cleanse your aura as well as soothe the senses while stimulating good energy. White sage will help introduce balance while rose quartz will help to rid your body of drowsiness and improve your memory! Light up your aura with this meditation set that will encourage positive vibrations as well as being stimulated by the naturally scented meditation & yoga mist!

The box contains:

Palo Santo

- Removes negative emotions, cleanses the mind and the aura
- Helps to facilitate meditation and increases energy flow


- Cleanses, rebalances and protects
- Soothes anxiety, depression and hyperactivity
- Calms the mind and relaxes the body which will impact the mood

Rose Quartz Stone

- Supports immune system and improves the memory
- Soothes the inner anxiety, stress and nervousness

Scented Mist for Yoga & Meditation – 30ml

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