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Vegan Collagen Boosting Powder


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Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding (high concentration of vit. C)

Boost the natural production of collagen and strengthen the skin’s resistance with Atelier Nubio’s collagen boosting powder. The raspberry flavored superfood powder is made of 100% berries and plant powder! 

Collagen in the main structural protein found in our bodies, this vital component is responsible for keeping our skin looking plump and firm. As we age, our collagen levels naturally decrease and cause our skin to lack firmness and elasticity. Drinking this natural collagen powder on a regular basis helps to encourage collagen synthesis.

The vegan collagen powder booster is 100% natural and targets key signs of fatigue, pollution and sun damage in the skin. Our skin is regularly exposed to free radicals which speed up the natural aging process. Using Atelier Nubio’s collagen powder, it features ingredients which are known for their antioxidant, protective and plumping benefits for the skin. 

Protect your skin from oxidative stress and be prepared to enjoy plump & protected skin with the vegan collagen powder from Atelier Nubio.

Key Ingredients in this collagen boosting powder:

  • Raspberry: Rich in manganese, which protects cells against oxidative stress.
  • Blackcurrant: High in antioxidants such as polyphenols and vitamins C & E. 
  • Baobab: Superfood that contains high levels of vitamin C which assists in the formation of collagen. 
  • Ginger: Energising plant that increases the potency of other active ingredients in this formula

Atelier Nubio is available in Luxembourg exclusively at J'adore bio!



      • Tired skin
      • Loss of elasticity
      • Lack of firmness
      • Skin that tends to become thinner and wrinkled (fine lines, wrinkles)
      • Skin that marks easily (spots, redness, dry areas)

      For a drink: dilute 1 teaspoon of powder in a glass of fresh water (or fresh plant milk, hot or cold), using a whisk or blender. The powder can also be added to yogurt, smoothies, porridge or fruit... be creative as it's yummy !

      At the time of day when it is most practical for you.

      Contains: The glass jar contains approximately 30 doses (1 month) - that is 150 g 

      Recommended duration of treatment: 3 months 

      You will notice the first benefits after 21 days, we advise you to continue for 3 months for lasting benefits.

      Packaging: Recyclable or reusable glass jar.

      Size: 75g (for 21 portions = 21 days)

      Ingredients for one dose (3,5 g) : baobab* (Adansonia digitata L.,1310 mg), currant*, cassis* (Ribes nigrum L., 785 mg), raspberry* (Rubus idaeus L., 428 mg), ginger* (Zingiber officinale Roscoe, 100 mg), acerola* (Malpighia glabra, 85 mg)  

      This product is made in France, certified organic and vegan. All the extracts and ingredients used in the supplements are pure, of natural and vegetable origin. They are all guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs, ionised products, nano materials and allergens. No solvents, no synthetic vitamins or synthetic minerals are used.

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