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Soap Pouch


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The Bareaya Soap Pouch is a natural & zero waste way to store and use your favourite soaps. The soap pouch is 100% fully biodegradable and made of cotton & ramie – a natural and durable plant fibre made from the nettle plant.

How to use the Bareaya Soap Pouch:

  • Soap Saver: Put the bar of soap into the pouch to make your soap lather faster and help you use less of it, ensuring your soap bar lasts longer. Thanks to the cotton cord, you can hang up the soap pouch to dry between uses!
  • Exfoliator: The hand-woven pattern of the soap pouch provides a natural exfoliation effect, making it perfect to use as a daily exfoliation treatment or as part of your pre-shaving ritual.Gently exfoliate your skin in circular motions to remove all dead skin cells for a silky effect on the skin.
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