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Magnetic Soap Holder


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A minimalist & practical soap holder for your favourite zero waste solid soaps & shampoos. The magnetic soap holder allows for quick & complete drying of your soaps, it consists of two parts: 

    • Suction cup with a magnet that is to be fixed to the wall 
    • Steel ring that is to be inserted into the soap 

    The easy to use, durable & reusable soap holder can be placed on any smooth surface such as the inside of a wash basin, on the shower wall etc. With no drilling or gluing required, this discreet soap holder will make your zero waste essentials last even longer.

    1. Clean the surface where you want to install the suction cup, then attach the suction cup by simply pressing it down.
    2. Insert the metal ring in the middle of your solid soap. If the soap is too hard, place it on a damp cloth to soften it a little.
    3. Attach the soap by moving it closer to the suction cup magnet.
    4. Remove the soap by sliding it off the suction cup, rather than pulling on it.

    If necessary, you can rinse it between soaps to prevent product build up.

    Packaging: This product comes by itself with zero packaging #lesswaste

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