Summer essentials

Sur: Sunday, June 24, 2018

Here’s our top all-natural summer beauty essentials that will protect, nourish and care for your skin throughout the summer:

Mineral Sunscreen

By now, you probably know that you should be using natural SPF containing zinc oxide and avoiding chemical sunscreens at all costs. If you’re not there yet - please read our last post on Why you should choose a Mineral Suncreen this year. We swear by Suntribe sunscreens and tested them very recently in Portugal. They smell like coconut and contain zinc oxide to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Suntribe Krem z filtrem Mineralnym J'adore bio


Regardless of whether you got sunburnt or you just want to protect, soothe and prolong your tan, aftersun cosmetics are definitely must-haves to pack for your summer trip! Aloe vera gel will be your friend here, as it has great soothing properties because of its high water content (99.5%). We love Maison Laget Aloe Vera Mist because it’s so easy to use. Simply spray it all over your body to cool, refresh and gently moisturise your skin. Follow by Coconut Oil, i.e. the “Holy Grail” of natural skincare. It’s perfect to pack for vacation, as it has so many uses for skin and hair!

Mgiełka z Aloesu J'adore bio Maison Laget    Olej Kokosowy 100% czysty do pielęgnacji po opalaniu J'adore bio

Summer glow

When we can finally wear all our fancy dresses and show our summer-ready (or not yet - who cares?!) legs, it’s also time to add some shimmer to our skin! Hagi Cosmetics Shimmering Oil can do just that! It reflects the light like a dream, leaving your skin with a beach-ready, golden glow. You can even use it on your cheekbones instead of a highlighter! Add a gorgeous glow to your skin - it’s summertime!

Olejek z Drobinkami J'adore bio

BB Cream

When the weather is hot, sun is shining and you still want to even out your skin - choose mattifying BB cream from Clochee. It leaves a matte finish, so it’s perfect for sizzling days and it provides high SPF 50 protection! Great to use on the beach or as an everyday filter in the city.

Clochee Matujący Krem BB SPF50 J'adore bio

Lip Care

BB cream, some nice organic mascara and moisturising lip balm is all you need to create a natural summer look. We love all Skin & Tonic lip balms but the lemon one makes you really think about holidays. It smells like a lemonade, leaves the lips soft and moisturised. Perfect for every day!

Lemon Lip Balm J'adore bio Skin & Tonic

Let us know what are your favourite summer products and enjoy your holidays!


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