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For Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

When you're pregnant your body and skin go through some changes. You may suddenly notice that your skin type completely changed, or that you can no longer use the products you loved before. Pregnancy acne, pigmentation or sensitivity are some of the common skincare concerns during this period. At the same time it's more important than ever to pay attention to clean ingredients when you're pregnant - so how to build a good skincare routine for those 9 months?

    Our tips for skincare routine during pregnancy

    For face:

    • your skin during pregnancy is much more prone to pigmentation and dark spots. Have you heard about pregnancy mask or pregnancy melasma? To avoid them wear high SPF every day - yes, even when its cloudy or rainy! Our favourite is Mineral Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 from NUORI. It leaves no white marks and has skincare benefits too.  
    • if you already have some dark spots or pigmentation it's best to brighten them as soon as possible so that they don't become a bigger problem with hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy. Your best friend in this mission? Of course our beloved vitamin C! Use brightening and protective serums like Vital Repair Serum from NUORI, which will reduce existing pigmentation but also protect your skin from further damage. 
    • it's also common to have very sensitive skin during pregnancy. If you suddenly experience redness, itchy skin or even pregnancy eczema - you might want to introduce some calming products to your skincare routine such as Calm Sea Serum from By Mukk and Daily Defence Mist from Evolve.
    • if you suffer from pregnancy acne, beware of unsafe treatments! Opt for natural anti-acne products that will reduce inflammation and sebum imbalances. We recommend to use Vital B Elixir from MUKTI and Beauty And The B's supplements from Ogaenics.

    For body:

    • the skin on your belly will have to stretch a lot during these months, so invest in good moisturising products and use them regularly 1-2 per day from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Fortunately there are some great natural cosmetics for pregnancy stretch marks and they include rosehip oil, shea butter or hazelnut oil. Our tip: exfoliate your skin before the shower with our Dry Body Brush and then use Anti-Stretch Mark Body Butter from La Saponaria - the two work wonders together!

      Pregnancy-safe products tested & loved by Agnieszka

      During three pregnancies, J'adore bio founder - Agnieszka did a lot of research on natural skincare during pregnancy, what ingredients to avoid & which are beneficial for future moms-to-be. She tried plenty of pregnancy-safe cosmetics and now is happy to share her favourites with you! 

      Pregnancy skincare must-haves

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