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Eau de parfum Rayon Vert

95,00 €
Taille: 50ml

Rayon Vert evokes an explosion of sunny life while embracing the warm of wild spring.The refreshing citrus notes mingle with the unexpected green notes of basil, aniseed and fennel. 

Bastille create unique and irresistible unisex fragrances that will keep your scent alive from morning till night. The perfumes are created for you to enjoy, it's simple.

Natural, vegan, and made in France.
Bottle: 50ml.

Top notes: Basil, anise seed, blackcurrant bud, neroli
Heart notes: Angelica, caraway, fennel, chamomile
Bottom notes: Immortelle, sandalwood, cedar

Cologne Rayon Vert is composed of 95% natural ingredients and 5% safe & gentle synthetic ingredients. Its formula is short: it contains 32 ingredients (a classic perfume can contain up to 300 ingredients, but only lists potentially allergenic ingredients on the label - the rest is trade secret).



Natural ingredients corresponding to the notes (95%):


Lemon Oil
Bergamot Oil
Mandarin Oil
Caraway Oil MRL
Blackcurrant Buds MD MRL
Anise seeds Oil Lmr
Fennel Oil
Neroli Oil
Tunisia Lmr
Angelica roots oil
Armoise oil
Basilic Oil Lmr
Roman Chamomile Oil MRL
Cedar Heart Virginia MRL
Sandalwood New Caledonia Ess MRL
Organic Wheat Alcohol

Synthetic ingredients (and their fragrant effects) (5%):

Ald aa triplal (green, grass)
Allyl amyl glycolate (fresh, pineapple)
Ambroxide (wood, ambergris)
Canthoxal (anise)
Cedramber (cedar, ambergris)
Cedrol (cedar)
Dodecenal, trans-2 (clean, tangerine peel)
Ethyldecadienoate/cis-4 trans-2 (green, pear)
Glycolierral (green, grass)
Helvetolide (musk)
Hexenol/cis-3 (green, green tea)
Hexyl acetate (green, pear)
Ionone alpha (iris, violet)
Ionone beta trans (iris, violet)
Jasmone cis (jasmine)
Lauric Aldehyde (clean, tangerine peel)
Liffarome(green, violet)
Methoxy benzaldehyde/para (anise)
Methyl benzyl acetate/alpha (green, gardenia)
Methyl dihydrojasmonate (fresh jasmine)
Oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-one (musk, ambrette seed)
Stemone(green, leaves)



Oui, ce produit est vegan. Tous nos produits sont cruelty-free.

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Eau de parfum Rayon Vert

95,00 €


Bastille crée des parfums unisexes superbes avec 95% d’ingrédients naturels, 5% d’ingrédients de synthèse clean, et surtout une transparence totale sur les ingrédients. Ça paraît évident... et pourtant, c'est une révolution en parfumerie.

On l'adore pour : 

  • leur longue tenue !
  • parfums uniques - chacun très différent de l'autre
  • leur transparence totale



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