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Daily Cleanse Detox Supplement

32,00 €

Contenu: 60 gélules


Atelier Nubio’s Detox Supplements are 100% natural herbal capsules that support activity of the liver while aiding digestion.

Bloating? Digestion discomfort? Water retention? These are common ailments we endure in our daily lives, Atelier Nubio’s detox supplements detoxify, drain and protect the liver!

Made from 100% certified organic French plants known for their detoxifying properties, the natural extracts work in synergy to support the activity of the liver.

The natural supplements for cleansing the body promote healthy digestion while activating drainage and protecting the body from within.

Key Ingredients in Atelier Nubio's detox supplement:

  • Artichoke: A naturally detoxifying and draining plant, that promotes activity in the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract.

  • Birch: Improves digestion and helps to detoxify the body.

  • Milk Thistle: A plant that protects and supports the liver thanks to its sylimarin content.

  • Chicory: Promotes digestion.

    Atelier Nubio is available in Luxembourg exclusively at J'adore bio!

    100% plants, made in France and certified organic, Atelier Nubio supplements respect a very strict quality and traceability charter and a blacklist of ingredients. Thanks to its in-house R&D team, Atelier Nubio formulates natural, pure and effective supplements without any additives.


        Those that want help with bloating, intestinal gas, water retention, cramps and regular stomach aches.

        The capsules help: 

        • Support a congested digestion system
        • Soothe digestion discomfort

        Not recommended for people with an allergy to salicylates or for people on anticoagulant therapy. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek advice from a health professional.

        This supplement is compatible with breastfeeding, however it contains milk thistle which is galactogenic.

        Take two capsules per day with a large glass of water. It is advisable not to exceed the recommended daily dose. This food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

        To maximize results, pair these capsules with the De-Bloating Ampoules.

        At a time of day that is most practical to you.

        Recommended duration of treatment: 3 months (3 bottles). You will notice the first benefits after 1 month, however it is advised that you continue use for 3 months to see lasting benefits.

        Contains: 60 capsules (for a 30 day treatment)

        Packaging: Reusable or recyclable glass bottle with metal lid.

        Ingredients for 2 capsules: Artichoke leaf extract* (320 mg), birch* (300 mg), vegetable envelope (HPMC), milk thistle extract* (52.5 mg) with 80% sylimarin (42 mg), rice extract*, chicory extract* (35 mg).
        *Ingredients from organic farming

        This supplement is made in France, in the Perche region. Certified organic and vegan. All the extracts and ingredients used in the supplements are pure, of natural and vegetable origin.They are all guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs, ionised products, nano materials and allergens. No solvents, no synthetic vitamins or synthetic minerals are used.

        HOW TO USE

        Prendre 2 gélules par jour, à jeun ou non. Ne dépassez pas la dose journalière recommandée. Il est conseillé de continuer la cure pendant 3 mois pour avoir des résultats durables. Ce complément alimentaire ne doit pas se substituer à une alimentation variée, équilibrée et à un mode de vie sain.
        Déconseillé aux personnes souffrant d'allergie aux dérivés salicylés et aux personnes sous traitement anticoagulant.

        • Artichaut: plante drainante et détoxifiante, elle favorise l'activité du foie, des reins et du tractus intestinal.
        • Bouleau: fluidifie la digestion et participe à la détoxification de l'organisme
        • Chardon-marie: cette plante protège et soutient le foie grâce à sa teneur en sylimarine.
        • Chicorée: favorise la digestion.

        Ingrédients pour 2 gélules: extrait de feuilles d’artichaut(Cynara scolymus, 410 mg), extrait de bouleau(Betula pendula, 300 mg), enveloppe d’origine végétale (HPMC), fibre d'acacia, extrait de chardon marie(Silybum marianum, 52,5 mg) à 80% de silymarine (42 mg), extrait de chicorée(Cichorium, 35 mg), huile de tournesol.

        Ce produit est fabriqué en France, certifié bio et vegan. Tous les extraits et ingrédients utilisés dans les compléments alimentaires 'On veut...' sont purs, d’origine naturelle et végétale. Ils sont tous garantis sans pesticides, sans métaux lourds, sans OGM, sans produits ionisés, sans nanomatériaux ; sans allergènes. Aucun solvant, aucune vitamine de synthèse ou minéral de synthèse n’est utilisé.

        PREGNANT ?

        Not reccomended during pregnancy, safe for breastfeeding.


        Oui, ce produit est vegan. Tous nos produits sont cruelty-free.

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        Daily Cleanse Detox Supplement

        32,00 €

        Atelier Nubio

        Atelier Nubio sublime les plantes dans des élixirs de beauté sains, performants et sensoriels. Tous leurs produits sont certifiés bio et fabriqués en France !

        On l'adore pour :

        • leurs formulations 100% naturelles
        • une qualité exceptionnelle
        • certification biologique 



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