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Huiles essentielles & Grossesse

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Congratulations - you are pregnant! 

While pregnancy may be one of the most magical times, for many women this experience may be filled with aches, pains, nausea & many different symptoms! Finding remedies to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms can be challenging, products may include an unsafe amount of medication, be clearly marked ‘unsafe for pregnant/breastfeeding women’ or they have been made with a blend of essential oils.

Essential oils are an addition to many products due to their beautiful scents and incredible amount of other benefits. While certain essential oils claim to reduce the side effects of pregnancy and many women have attested to using them during their pregnancies, it is undoubtedly a controversial topic. Before we go any further, there are many studies and research dedicated to the use of essential oils in pregnancy and their possible side effects. Please remember that we are not doctors here at J’adore bio, all we have done is collate our research to create guidance for you, our customers. Please always seek medical professional advice from your doctor or midwife when you are considering which oils are safe and suitable during your pregnancy.

Oils That Are Unsafe During Pregnancy:

- Cedarwood
- Clove
- Clary Sage
- Jasmine
- Lemongrass
- Parsley
- Rosemary
- Myrrh
- Cinnamon
- Basil
- Fennel
- Thyme
- Sage
- Wormwood

Oils That Are Safe During Pregnancy (as from 2nd trimester):

- Bergamot
- Chamomile
- Lavender
- Mandarin
- Peppermint
- Petit Grain
- Tangerine
- Tee Tree
- Ylang Ylang
- Grapefruit

First Trimester:

The first trimester is by far the most delicate time of all, it is the start of your baby’s development and when you & your body are at its most fragile. It is recommended to avoid the use of any essential oils during your first trimester as you wouldn’t want anything to hinder this stage of your pregnancy.

Second & Third Trimester:

As your pregnancy develops, it can be regarded as a safer time to start reintroducing essential oils. As I have mentioned before, before you begin using any essential oils always consult a medical professional who can deem whether or not it is safe for you to start using essential oils.

While you may be in a more secure place in your pregnancy, there are still a set amount of guidelines that have been created to ensure you are staying safe! Firstly the only two recommended methods of using essential oils are: topical, applied on the skin, or via a diffuser. Avoid ingesting any essential oils throughout your whole pregnancy!

When applying essential oils to the skin, pregnant or not, it’s crucial to always dilute them with a carrier oil, any neutral vegetable oil works. In their pure concentrated form, essential oils can cause serious burns to the skin if they are not diluted. When pregnant, the dilution rate is 1 – 2% meaning 1 drop of essential oil per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. A highly diluted solution will still give you the benefits of the essential oils but in a much gentler and safer way.

Inhalation of essential oils via a diffuser may be helpful for women who suffer from severe sleep troubles or reoccurring nausea & sickness. When using a diffuser, it is recommended to use no more than 2 -3 drops of essential oil per 100ml – 100ml is usually the standard size of a diffuser. To stay safe, it is also recommended to not inhale essential oils via a diffuser for long periods of time.

Essential Oils while Breastfeeding

Just like how not one product can work for everyone, the same applies to essential oils. For some, it may work wonders and for others it may not work at all. Essential oils are used in this stage to aid with postpartum, sleep & possible increase of milk supply – to name a few! So once again, always consult a medical professional whether that is your doctor or midwife to ensure that you & your new born will be safe with any new medication or essential oils.

Oils That Are Unsafe During Breastfeeding:

- Peppermint
- Oregano
- Clary Sage
- Wintergreen

Oils That Are Safe During Breastfeeding:

- Fennel Seed
- Basil
- Dill
- Lavender

As with everything when it comes to essential oils, it is all about being careful and using your common sense. When applying any oils to the skin, be sure to apply them away from any areas where the baby shall be in close contact with and always be sure to dilute them for the safety of you & baby.

Cosmetics without essential oils at J’adore bio:

If you are still unsure of essential oils and would rather avoid them all together, then we have a fantastic range of essential oil free products that are completely safe for you to use.

Clemence & Vivien Soda Free Deodorants

Formulated with corn starch & zero essential oils, the Vanilla & Mandarin deodorants are ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The sensitive formula will keep you sweat free and smelling sweet all day long!


NUORI - Vital Repair Serum

This fragrance free natural serum from NUORI has all you need for smooth, supple & radiant skin. Packed with antioxidants and nourishing oils, this lightweight face serum is ideal for all skin types. Working to reduce the appearance of dark spots & pigmentation, this NUORI serum also contains vitamin C to give your skin a real boost when you need it most.

Evolve Beauty - Hyaluronic Eye Complex

This easy to use & intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid roller from Evolve Beauty is the perfect skincare product for those busy mornings where your skin is asking for hydration!

Intense Moisturising Serum – Clochee

Balancing a new born, your job and yourself can sometimes feel like its all too much and you definitely don’t feel like you have time to add a serum into your speedy 5 minute skincare routine! Well I am here to tell you otherwise 😊 This incredible serum is jam packed with all the hydration you could ever ask for, hyaluronic acid moisturises deep into the skins layers and relieves any dry or tight feeling in the skin. This product does all the work for you and you will thank yourself for it later. Apply a generous amount to freshly cleansed skin, morning & evening and follow up with a moisturiser.

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