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Easy Livin'


Gua Sha
Roll-On Quartz Rose
Chouchou en Soie
Ventouse Silicone Anti-Âge
Gold Derma Roller
Spatule Crème Cristal
Roll-On 3D
Peigne Crystal Jade
Ventouse Silicone Anti-Cellulite
Herbal Facial Steam - Crystal Cloud
Save 11%
Roll-On Quartz Rose Sonique
Gua Sha Mushroom
Peigne Crystal Quartz Rose
Tête Texturée pour Roll-On Sonique

Easy Livin' is a Polish brand, specialized in massage rollers for face and body. Concerned about the well-being of everyone, Easy Livin' offers several types of massage rollers! There is a roller made out of rose quartz, another of jade stone and a third one of amethyst stone.

At J'adore bio, we love the rose quartz roller. This stone has many benefits for the skin that make the product unique! We love its soothing, healing and anti-ageeing properties!


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