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Natural Soy Candle Chill Out
Natural Soy Candle Magic
Bougie Peony
Bougie Sauge, Rose & Pamplemousse
Bougie Cedarwood & Vanilla
Bougie Sandalwood & Patchouli
Bougie Eucalyptus & Lemon
Sold Out
Bougie Soja Orient Express
Bougie Soja La Playa
Bougie Soja Lavande
Bougie Soja Hot Summer
Bougie Soja Vanille
Bougie Café
Ribbed Pillar Candle
Save 11%
Origami Lantern Candle
Save 13%
Geometric Pillar Candle
Save 13%
Staggered Pillar Candle
Save 13%
Bougie Sauvage
Bougie Pijor
Bougie Primavera
Bougie Lavande
Bougie Wild Tobacco
Bougie Surf Swell
Bougie Coco & Aloé Vera
Bougie Honeysuckle
Bougie Jasmine
Recharge Bougie de Soja
40 results
A selection of exceptional soy candles made from organic soy wax, natural essential oils blended to create incredible scents - Bali, Hot Summer, Sweet Vanilla and Lavender. Hand-made, natural and vegan soy candle will turn your home into a stress-free sanctuary!

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