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Beauty Tools


Gua Sha
Roll-On Quartz Rose
Ventouse Silicone Anti-Âge
Gold Derma Roller
Spatule Crème Cristal
Ventouse Silicone Anti-Cellulite
Sold Out
Roll-On 3D
Roll-On Quartz Rose Sonique
Gua Sha Mushroom
Crystal Cryo Globes
Sold Out
Tête Texturée pour Roll-On Sonique

Facial massage relaxes the features of your face while providing your skin with extra oxygen and radiance! We absolutely love using face massage tools in our everyday skincare routine...

Choose a perfect one for you - made from 100% natural stones, they will soon become your addiction (for which your skin will thank you!).

Bestsellers: Gua Sha, Gua Sha Mushroom, Rose Quartz Roller.


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