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Cologne Pleine Lune
Cologne Un Deux Trois Soleil
Cologne Demain Promis
Cologne Bataille
Cologne Hors-Piste
Cologne - Cèdre & Iris Soyeux
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Cologne - Agrumes & Trésor Aromatique
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Cologne - Oud Wood & Amyris
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Cologne - Nagaranga & Santal
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Roll-on Parfum Intuition
Roll-On Parfum Happiness

Natural vs. synthetic fragrances

J'adore bio has a wide range of natural, organic and clean perfumes that, unlike traditional fragrances, contain no harmful ingredients. Did you know that conventional perfumes can contain up to 300 different ingredients? These ingredients often include phthalates and lillial, which are classified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as endocrine disruptors, meaning they can alter the hormone system and therefore harm our health. There are many more toxic ingredients hiding under "perfume", the mysterious position in the INCI list that is protected as a trade secret - meaning that companies do not have to disclose which ingredients are behind it.

The advantages of natural perfume 

In contrast, natural and organic perfumes are made from natural fragrances that are not harmful to our health or the environment. The use of essential oils as fragrances is common in natural perfumes as they not only smell great, but also have interesting benefits for our physical and mental health! In our natural perfumes you will only find selected & valuable raw materials that are completely harmless.

Discover the bestsellers of our popular brands 100BON and Bastille with their enchanting fragrances Davana & Vanilla and Pleine Lune. Both brands only use the highest quality ingredients for their natural perfumes, which do not harm our health and respect the environment.

Transparent & Natural Perfume by Bastille Paris

Made in France, Bastille's natural perfumes are a real revolution in the world of perfumery! Why? They are made with 95% natural and 5% clean and safe synthetic ingredients and are completely transparent in their formulas. Their fragrances are formulated without endocrine disruptors, solvents, stabilisers, dyes or UV filters.
Why not 100% natural? Because the founder, Marie-Hortense, wanted to create very original and long-lasting fragrances. Bastille perfumes are a natural alternative to drugstore perfumes.

Natural & organic perfume from 100BON

100BON produces 100% natural perfumes in France in many enchanting fragrances! Some of them are even certified organic! 100BON's natural perfumes are transparent, refillable and affordable. Did you know that you can have your favourite natural perfume refilled by 100BON? Just send us an email and we will order a 200ml refill bottle for you!


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