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Lip Balms


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Lip Treat
Baume à Lèvres Menthe

Having crispy and dry lips isn't a good look for ANYONE! With simple tricks and good good lip care, you can turn the most dehydrated lips into a lushy, bounchy and hydrated lip.

First you need to get rid of that dead skin that is living on your lips, with the Your Natural Side lip exfoliator made out of sugar, coconut and strawberry seeds. It will deeply nourish the healthy skin underneath and removes the dry skin from your lips.

Now the fun part, you can choose any type of lip balm you like, there are hundreds of flavours out there, our favourite pick from Skin & Tonic, this brand does not use more than 5 ingredients in their products, they are all natural and have different flavours, such as Rose, Mint, Lemon or Natural.

And voilà, your lips look so much better now, and you can apply any lipstick you want without having the issue of that awful looking dead skin that is peaking out.

PS. we also have solid lip balms for those who prefer a zero-waste option, just take a look and pick your favorite flavour!


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