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Hand Hygiene


Savon Liquide Géranium Rose, Orange & Menthe
Savon Liquide Lavande & Bergamote
Savon Liquide Patchouli, Bois de Rose & Geranium

Why is cleaning your hands naturally important?

Our hands are heavily used on a daily basis. They therefore require to be cleaned, respected and hydrated daily! Traditional hand hygiene products are often composed of chemical ingredients that dry out and damage our hands. Thus, providing them with natural care is essential.

Different products according to my needs...

  • You want to wash your hands in a natural way: the Moisturizing Liquid Soap is what you need! This soap is a real 2 in 1. It effectively cleans the hands thanks to its composition enriched with rapeseeds but also moisturizes them thanks to its high concentration of coconut oil!

  • You want to disinfect your hands in a natural way: Mirins Happiness Liquid Soap is composed of essential oils of geranium and orange with soothing and healing properties that provide softness and hydration to the hands.

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