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Crème Minérale H2O
Crème Rose & Framboise
Gommage Corporel Prune
Savon à l'Hibiscus
Savon Ananas
Sérum Rose & Framboise
Hydrolat de Rose de Damas
Sold Out
Savon à la Lavande
Savon Concombre
Savon au Romarin
Hydrolat de Romarin
Prune Lotion Stick
Savon Cannelle
Hydrolat d'Hamamélis
Savon au Riz
Savon Café
Hydrolat de Laurier
Sold Out
Savon Charbon Detox
Hydrolat de Fleur de Tilleul
Huile à Barbe - Thé Vert

Ministerstwo, a small, family owned business, was founded in north-western Poland by sisters Ania & Ula Bielun.

Specialising in soap production, Ministerstwo are proud to produce solid & handmade cosmetics that everyone can enjoy! All of their soaps are created in small batches and follow their own recipes as well as following the traditional elements of soap making.

The secret to their success? Ministerstwo pride themselves on choosing only the best raw materials that make it into their products along with their expertise craftsmanship and of course!

For a long time, soaps were nothing more than functional but now thanks to Ministerstwo they are not only functional but beautiful too!


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